APRIL 11, 2018


National Recognition Adds to Recent Highlights from Cannabis Business Awards and Rooster Magazine THC Classic

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Apr. 12, 2018Evolab, a CBx Sciences brand, today announced that Terpenes & Testing Magazine has recognized Alchemy™ as ‘Best Vape Cartridge’ at its Terpenes & Testing World Conference. The first annual Terpenes and Testing Awards honor the individuals and companies that have and continue to influence the future of cannabis science.

“We’ve been making Colorado’s favorite vapes for nearly a decade now,” said Nicole Smith, CEO, CBx Sciences. “Over that time, numerous states have introduced medical and recreational cannabis programs. With so many respected manufacturers from across the country in this increasingly competitive space, it’s satisfying to receive this major recognition from the team at Terpenes and Testing. Alchemy was one of the industry’s first premium terpene-rich CO2 oils when we introduced it, and it continues to lead the national cannabis vape market today.”

Evolab has been recognized in numerous award programs for its potent products and unique approach to cannabis processing. Most recently, Evolab was awarded Best Flavored Vape at the 2018 Rooster Magazine THC Classic and Best Infused Product at the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards.

Alchemy is Evolab’s flagship oil, combining cannabis-derived FreshTerps™ with potent CO2 distillate for unparalleled, strain specific flavor and effects. Evolab products are currently available at hundreds of locations across Colorado, and the company is exploring opportunities to introduce its products into additional markets.

To find the medical or recreational location with Evolab products nearest you, please visit: https://www.evolab.com/find-our-products/ or https://weedmaps.com/brands/evolab