Naturally derived fruit terpenes perfectly complement the taste and effects of pure cannabis oil. With full spectrum pharmaceutical grade extraction technology, Co2lors oils are always free of residual solvents, harmful cutting agents or additives.

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Alchemy oil keeps winning award after award for flavor and potency. But more importantly, it's won a large following of people who truly know cannabis. People who want the best and don't mind paying for it. People like you.

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Terpenes are an essential element of the cannabis experience. Extraction processes that only output THC, without any terpenes, simply don’t deliver the plant’s full effects. Evolab is uniquely able to extract only the terpenes if desired from any strain, which led to the creation of FreshTerps.

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Chroma is cannabis stripped down to its purest form. So nothing gets in the way of the THC, or therapeutic effects of the CBD. You want the best. And you want it straight up. That’s exactly what you get with Chroma. It's the most potent, consistent and refined vape oil there is. With pharmaceutical grade extraction technology and no harmful additives or cutting agents, nothing gets in the way of its uncompromising flavor and potency.

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