Infinite Wellness Center Vendor of the Week: Evolab

The Infinite Wellness Center is the premier medical and recreational dispensary in Fort Collins. Makers of some of the most refined CO2 cannabis oils on the market (and awesome hardware to boot), Evolab has been pushing the envelope with cannabis vaporization in the state of Colorado. Because of this, we’ve chosen Evolab to be our Vendor of the Week!

January 15th through January 21st: Evolab

20% off all Evolab products at Infinite Wellness Center for the week while supplies last! Search for “Evolab” on our menu page below – the discount will be taken in store off the normal price. Certain restrictions apply, see store for details.

The Art & Science of Transforming Great Plants into the Best Products

Founded in 2011, Evolab has always had the goal of providing Colorado cannabis consumers with an incomparable line of extracts, vaporizer cartridges and topical products. Their evaluation of the cannabis extract market was disappointing – many companies were still using antiquated technology that destroyed terpene profiles or produced residual solvents. Through significant research and development, Evolab created the Cannabis industry’s first clean CO2 extraction solution that not only preserves terpenes, but also allows for the extraction of the entire profile of any plant. Furthermore, this provided the opportunity to only extract terpenes from organic material, producing the first product line featuring pure cannabis terpene profiles – FreshTerps.

You Get Out What You Put In

Creating the best extracts starts long before raw material enters the lab. Evolab sources only the best materials from the most respected cultivators that have been carefully and consistently optimizing their operations for years. Personal visits to grow and processing operations from the Evolab team inspect every facility to analyze consistency, genetics, pesticide use, cultivation methodologies, testing standards and more. This rigorous standard raises a high bar for starting cannabis material that is extracted in to cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids and byproducts like waxes and chlorophyll. Different levels of temperature and pressure in a closed loop CO2 extraction are used to individually pull these specific molecules from the raw cannabis. Terpenes are pulled first and represent less than 3% of the total material extracted. The rest of the material is then extracted for cannabinoids and further refined through winterization and distillation, and recombined to produce the high quality Chroma and Alchemy oils. In addition, these oils are used in the CBX Sciences topical line.

Meet the Products:

Alchemy: A high quality short path fractional distillation is combined with strain specific cannabis terpene profiles to produce a high flavor connoisseur grade oil. Available in sativa, indica or hybrid, this oil is delivered in a top air flow 510 thread vaporizer cartridge.

Chroma: A high quality short path fractional distillation is combined with a natural and proprietary terpene profile that is reminiscent of lemon and pine.This high potency hybrid oil is delivered in a top air flow 510 thread vaporizer cartridge.

Intensive Salve: A high quality short path fractional distillation is combined with essential oils to produce a pain relieving topical cream. Filled with THC, CBD and the rare cannabinoid CBG, this cream is designed to target inflammation.

Evos Intimate Oil: A personal lubricant product that is coconut oil based and designed to enhance intimate moments. This THC based lubricant can be applied before or during romantic acts to spice up the bedroom – but be forewarned, coconut oil can break down latex.

Visit with the Evolab team at the best dispensary in Fort Collins, The Infinite Wellness Center, on Thursday January 18th from 3-6pm to ask any questions you may have. Learn more at

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