Evolab Chroma Colors

Vape pens certainly have come a long way since legalization. I remember the first generation that started to become popular in medicinal dispensaries, long before the streamlined futuristic cartridges of today started appearing on the market. Most of the old school pens were pretty much a torch with a lid, loaded with some sort of weedy amalgam that was pretty much whatever slop could be dug up during the extraction process that would still get you high. Every malfunction you can conceive of would happen to this early generation. You name it leaks, overheating, poor quality innards, bulky size, unreliable heating elements, and crappy batteries all were a plight of the nascent realm of vaping. Somewhere along the line though people started to pick up some knowledge from the e-cigarette industry and started to streamline the cartridges and the technology. As the technology improved the times were a changin’ in the marijuana world and as consumer know-how increased the demand for higher quality oils came about. Now we’re here standing on the verge of the next revolution in vape cartridges, the age of the terpene. While not the first with the concept, Chroma Colors by EvoLab has done a truly masterful job at creating flavored cartridges that don’t substitute quality, potency, or ingredients. The components are all natural, the cartridges are built like a tank, and the flavors and effects are, simply put, phenomenal. Colors are the next big step in the world of vape and Evolab is doing everything right if you ask me.

Evolab Chroma Colors

Evolab set off on quite the journey when they started out their Chroma and Alchemy lines. I’ve had the fortune of sampling most of their products as they’ve been released and was already fairly enamored with the Chroma lines purity and potency and the insane flavors that Alchemy brought to the table. In the same realm as their Alchemy, I also have sampled their Freshterps as well, which are a true flavor experience for the elite cannabis consumer. Colors are an entirely new critter. Not only are these cartridges loaded with oodles of natural fruity flavors, but they are also crafted in a solventless CO2 process and aren’t diluted with potentially harmful additives like the infamous propylene glycol. While other vape pen producers have issues perfecting their viscosity, Evolab pens always seem to stay very fluid, and impressively so. I’m so impressed by the consistency of their oil in fact, that I have hypothesized that they must be using either voodoo or some form of ancient forgotten magic to make them stay in that state. Blatantly disprovable conspiracy theories aside, Evolab has got their shit down and their new Colors line is no different.

Blueberry Chroma Colors

What’s better than a bowl of fresh blueberries? How about a bowl of fresh blueberries that are zero calories and gets you exceptionally high? You must be looking for the Blueberry Chroma Colors by Evolab. This is the kind of cartridge that you can smell through the plastic dram. Well before I had opened the cartridge, much less tried it, I could smell a very strong and very delicious blueberry aroma. I perused the container for a moment before opening it up and noted the ingredient list (not that two items constitute a list) CO2 extracted cannabis oil and natural flavors. No more waiting. I popped open the top, released the insane blueberry odor and slid the undeniably sexy cartridge out of its tube. The first thing I noticed was how ridiculously clear the fluid inside it was. I started by screwing the cartridge on to one of my old are non-push button batteries knowing full well that some of the smaller batteries don’t work on newer cartridges like these, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Just as I expected I took a puff the light didn’t light up. Casting aside my impotent little battery, I grabbed a full-size battery. This go-around was much more successful. I took my first big rip of blueberry bliss. The flavors were equally as insane as this smells that came from the tube. I was practically flabbergasted by what I could only equate to as being berry flavored e-cigarette juice. There wasn’t even a remaining hint of marijuana flavor It was all just fruity yum yum. With the THC percentage of 85%, I didn’t have to wait long for the effects either. These little Chroma Colors cartridges pack of real punch for being a flavored cartridge. As I foolishly kept puffing away for more flavor my sobriety was a lost cause, left alone in the alley of blueberry avenue and vape street. Another thing that was noticeable about the early generations of vape pens is, they never seem to get you quite as high as smoking a bowl did. Blueberry Chroma Colors breaks that trend and I was left feeling quite high from only a few (who am I kidding, several) puffs of the vape pen. It took one more giant puff of blueberry and looked longingly at the peach cartridge, knowing that I’d have to wait a little while before I cracked into it.

Peach Chroma Colors

After a couple hours sobering up from the blueberry cartridge, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wait until the next day to try out the peach. Just as the blueberry cartridge before it, you can smell the amazing fruit flavor leaching out from the sides of the plastic dram. I popped the lid and retrieved the other cartridge. The Peach Chroma Colors cartridge was equally as translucent and smelled maybe even a little stronger than the blueberry. This time around I took a moment to really appreciate the design of the cartridge itself. Along the top is a brightly colored ring which serves a couple functions. For starters, the rings color correlates to the flavor you’re vaping. There’s a little secret hidden in this ring as well, a way to control the Airflow. The 2 slots on the sides of the little metal ring align with slots inside that can be rotated to increase or decrease air flow when taking a puff. Another cool and unique feature of Chroma Colors pens is the fact that they are refillable. While other vape pen companies will always force you to buy a new cartridge every time, that’s not the way that Evolab works. When your cartridge is running low, you can simply go to the dispensary and buy a refill syringe, which is not only ethically responsible for the patrons using their products but it’s also a very environmentally sustainable practice as well. The time was nigh, I remove the silicone Capers and I screwed the cartridge onto my battery. Just as I had come to expect from the blueberry, the peach practically assaulted me with a flavor blast to the mouth. The peach flavor was incredibly juicy and reminded me of peach-Os. It also had a little bit more bite to it than the blueberry and I also feel like the flavor itself might have been a little bit stronger. I slowly exhaled my puff through my nostrils leaving a little bit of a tingle in my nose along with a lingering flavor that I always want to be part of my life from now on. With a THC percentage equally as high as the Blueberry Chroma Colors I wasn’t surprised at all when my high came back very quickly and now my sobriety was lost on peach boulevard and oil road. While this isn’t the first Evolab product that I love, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, they’ve really outdone themselves on this Chroma Colors line

While I still would consider myself mostly to be a flower smoker, with amazing inventions like Evolab Chroma Colors appearing on the market I’m slowly starting to convert and understand how amazing vape pens can be. Evolab Chroma Colors line has everything I want in a vape pen. It’s clean CO2 extracted, inconspicuous, refillable, adjustable affordable, and most importantly of all delicious. I’m not the least bit ashamed to say that I’m kind of hooked. I will offer you a word of warning though. These vape pens taste so good that it’s very easy to just assume you’re puffing on an e-cigarette and end up smoking way more than you intended (I’m speaking from experience here). That being said, if you’re in the market for a new cartridge and use a standard vape pen battery I would highly recommend looking into Evolab Chroma Colors line. These cartridges pack all the oomph of a standard pen without any added chemicals or components with the bonus of amazing flavors. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go puff my vape pen.