Marijuana Lube and Sex Spray Makers Want to Take Valentine's Day to a Higher Place

We're less than a week away from Valentine's Day, and marijuana businesses, which recently embraced Black Friday and the Christmas holidays, are hoping to entice lovers with products that go beyond cannabis itself. They include THC-infused sprays and oils that claim to take sex to a higher place.

Evos lubricant is a product of Denver-based EvoLab. Here's how the site describes the product:

Evos™ is an all natural intimate lubricant infused with THC to bring heightened levels of excitement to your love life. evos™ is crafted with care by EvoLab, makers of the finest all natural cannabis extracts in Denver, CO. EvoLab is committed to non-toxic extraction methods and will NEVER use harmful solvents or ingredients to make our products. evos™ is the all natural alternative to lubricants that use petroleum or synthetic parabens. If you don't want these toxins near your mouth or lungs, you certainly don't want them anywhere intimate. In their pure form, the cannabinoids THC and CBD are vasorelaxants (vasodilators) helping with increased blood flow. Evos™ was made with you in mind to stimulate your intimate areas and increase pleasure.


The folks at The Grass Station have put Evos at the center of its Valentine's Day promotion. A release from the company quotes CEO Ryan Fox.

"Here in Colorado this is the second Valentine's to take place with legalized recreational marijuana for adults in effect," he says. "Last year, Valentine's came too soon after legalization for us to notice any particular sales impact.

"But this year," he continues, "we have consumers who already feel comfortable purchasing marijuana as a holiday gift, and who enjoy the novelty of giving legal cannabis to friends and family -- so we expect larger-than-usual sales in the days leading up to Valentine's."