Evolab CEO to Speak at American Chemical Society's 249th Annual National Meeting

Alex Cahoj Invited to Present to World's Largest Scientific Society

DENVER, CO--(Mar 23, 2015) -  evolab today announced that CEO Alex Cahoj will give a presentation at the American Chemical Society's 249th Annual National Meeting on Monday, March 23, 2015. ACS is the world's largest scientific society. evolab is a pioneer in the use of chromatography and CO2 to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts. Cahoj, who has overseen more than two thousand cannabis extractions, has been invited to give a presentation titled "Safety and Health Standards of Cannabis Extractions with an Emphasis on CO2."

"People have been concentrating cannabis for thousands of years," said Alex Cahoj, founder and CEO of evolab. "We're building on that tradition using the latest technology. Unfortunately, not all of the new methods in use today are safe -- for workers, consumers or the environment. At my company we are committed to producing cannabis extracts that are pure, raw and potent -- in a manner that is completely integral -- using only CO2. We never use hydrocarbons like butane or additives and cutting agents. We're dedicated to developing healthier, more efficient technology for extracting cannabis -- and I'm grateful that a prestigious scientific organization like the American Chemical Society is interested in learning about our methods."

The presentation will take place on Monday, March 23rd from 3:55 - 4:25 p.m. in the Embassy Suites, Denver - Downtown Convention Center in Silverton Ballroom 1.


The art of cannabis cultivation and extraction has been developed and refined by societies across the world for millennia. Following and furthering this tradition of our generational forefathers, modern day cannabis manufacturers have been tasked with taking this art form and transitioning it to a science. The passage of Colorado's marijuana law Amendment 64 was quickly followed by over 200 pages of regulatory language amending the law and building a framework on the safety and health standards of cannabis extractions. Within this framework, there are two important areas of focus: product safety AND production standards. This presentation will explore the many factors and challenges that surround both issues from the standpoint of CO2 based extraction method. From work place hazards, flammable solvents, high pressure systems, and standard operating procedures we will discuss the best practices in developing a safe work environment. Additionally, we will consider the importance of product purity and the factors related to solvent residues, contaminants, ingestion methods, additives, and why CO2 extractions are the best methodology for producing a safe and healthy product. The importance of addressing these issues is diverse and impactful, cannabis legalization is in its infancy and will continue to grow at a rapid rate across the world.