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Like an hour of yoga without all that bendy stuff.

Your instant escape.


put stress in time out.


Cannabinoids formulated to unwind

This disposable iHit from CBx Sciences isn’t just a vape pen. It’s a go-anywhere personal decompression chamber. Where you can take a deep breath, unwind and leave all the stress of the office back where it belongs, at the office.

Our Meditate Botanical Vapes are a calming combination of Passion Flower, THC, CBD and CBN. And they’re a perfect way to relax at yoga class, watching a movie or just sinking into a warm bath at the end of a long day.

Like all CBx Sciences products made from Evolab’s pure, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil, Meditate Botanical Vapes contain no chemical additives, cutting agents or residual solvents.

So you won’t have to stress about any of that while you chill.