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Lab and Technology


Elevating Cannabis with Science

Humans have been crudely extracting cannabinoids and making hash for millennia. We thought it was about time to bring that practice into the 21st century. There are plenty of ways to process cannabis — but only one way to make Evolab Oils.

To create the industry’s best products, you need the best technology. If that technology doesn’t exist, you have to build it. And that’s just what we did. Evolab’s proprietary extraction solutions allow us to produce oils that are pure down to the molecular level -- without the use of any toxic solvents or cutting agents. With unrivaled capabilities in distillation, isolation, purification and formulation, we can transform these exceptional oils into virtually any type of product.



We created the world’s first clean CO2 extraction solution that not only preserves terpenes, but also allows us to extract the entire profile of any plant, enabling us to deliver the power of the Entourage Effect in convenient vape pens and extracts. Better yet, this approach provides the unique ability to extract only the terpenes when we choose to, which led to the first and only product line featuring pure cannabis terpene profiles — FreshTerps™.


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Extraction can only go so far in purifying cannabinoids. Distillation takes purity to the next level. Very few companies have the expertise required to properly distill cannabinoids, but Evolab has pioneered unique distillation processes that result in incomparably pure oils.



Purification is simply the process by which contaminants are removed from something. When we’re talking about something you are going to inhale, quality purification is essential. Even when using clean CO2 extraction processes with no solvents or additives, cannabis still contains waxes, lipids, chlorophyll and other impurities that are less than optimal for ingestion. That’s why Evolab employs multiple technologies to ensure that every batch of oil is refined to the highest level of purity. Purity that is simply unmatched in the cannabis industry.