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G Pen & Evolab

What happens when you combine the best hardware with the best oil?

Find out.

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G Pen Gio
Cutting Edge Hardware. Premium CO2 Oil.

A groundbreaking liquid concentrates system, G Pen Gio delivers intensity and simplicity for a portable and discreet vaporization experience. Featuring a draw-activated, wicked cartridge system for smooth, natural pulls with maximum vapor density, the G Pen Gio is an intuitive, compact, ergonomic device for vapor connoisseurs and novices alike.

Filled with 500mg of a special terpene-rich blend of Evolab’s incomparably potent, award-winning CO2 extracted oil, Gio delivers a truly unparalleled vaping experience.




Gio Tank

Designed exclusively for the G Pen Gio and Evolab's CO2 oil, rugged Gio Tanks feature a streamlined heating system and integrated airpath for smooth, consistent pulls and seamless draw activation. Gio Tanks include a calibrated heating temperature and advanced wicking system - ideal for Evolab's terpene-rich formulation.


evolab oil


An extraordinary formulation.

An exceptional blend of Evolab’s additive-free Co2 oil was specially formulated to pair perfectly with Gio’s cutting edge vape system. Similar to Evolab's award-winning Alchemy, the special formulation includes distilled cannabinoids, and an even higher terpene content for unrivaled taste and effects.