Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship your products?

Shipping cannabis is illegal. Currently, Evolab products are only available through licensed dispensaries in the state of Colorado. You can search for the dispensary nearest to you by using our Store Locator.

What is your 'No Leak Guarantee'?

Evolab guarantees that our cartridges won't leak. If they ever do, please reach out to our Customer Service department at

How do I use your disposable iHit?

  1. Take the disposable out of the package.
  2. Take the mouth cap off.
  3. Take 3-4 quick puffs from the mouthpiece to prime the pen for an optimal experience. Once primed, take a slow steady inhale. The light on the end of the pen should light up. Once the pen blinks, you have taken a full draw.

Please visit this link for detailed video instructions on how to use our iHits.

How do I refill a cartridge?

  1. Remove child-proof cap by pushing down and to the left.
  2. Place the top of syringe under warm water for 60 seconds to make the oil easier to work with.
  3. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the cartridge.
  4. Remove metal tip from bottom of syringe.
  5. Secure the metal tip by twisting onto the end of the syringe.
  6. Place the metal tip inside of the cartridge. DO NOT put oil inside the metal tube as this will destroy the cartridge.
  7. Fill the cartridge with oil, leaving a little space at the top so it doesn't overflow the oil when screwing the mouthpiece back on.
  8. Screw the mouthpiece back onto the cartridge.
  9. Allow the oil to settle to the bottom of the tank.
  10. Prime the cartridge by taking some short puffs on the cartridge before screwing on the battery. This allows the wick to saturate.

Here is a video with detailed instructions.

TIP: Refill syringes can also be used for dabbing by simply applying a drop of oil directly to your dab rig.

How do I attach a cartridge?

  1. Take cartridge out of the packaging.
  2. Firmly screw on cartridge to battery. Do not over tighten. Cartridge should align flush with battery. Over-tightening could result in shorting out the battery.
  3. Remove rubber tip from cartridge mouthpiece. Inhale 2-3 times through mouthpiece before turning battery on. This will optimize airflow.
  4. Tap battery button 5 times quickly to turn on. You will know battery is on because battery light will flash.
  5. Hold button for 3-4 seconds then let go. Repeat this process two or three times. This will optimally prime your cartridge for use.
  6. You are now ready to enjoy your Evolab oil. Hold down button and inhale slowly and steadily for the best draw. The battery will blink when you have received a full draw.

Please review the detailed instructions on using our variable flow cartridges here.

TIP: You will know the battery is working because the light will remain on while being pressed. If the battery light blinks while being pressed, try loosening the cartridge. If that doesn’t work, the battery might be dead. Keep rubber tip on the cartridge when product is stored in your pocket.

How do I charge the battery?

  1. Unscrew cartridge from battery.
  2. Screw or plug in USB charger into battery. This is dependent on the type of battery you have. Do not over-tighten. Do not use different USB cord.
  3. Plug into USB port. A red light indicates the battery in charging. A green light indicates that charging is complete. Unplug when charged.

How do I operate the battery?

  1. Charge battery before use: push or twist the charger into the pen to secure pieces together.
  2. Turn the unit on or off by pressing the button 5 times rapidly.
  3. To Change Voltage (vape battery has 3 temps - Low: green Medium: blue High: red): Clicking button 3 times quickly.
  4. Hold down the button once on to enjoy your new Evolab battery.

How do I use FreshTerps™?

There are several ways to enjoy FreshTerps™. Mix Dab: We created FreshTerps™ to pair with the pure potency of Chroma™. Apply small amounts of FreshTerps to your Chroma jar in increments till you reach your desired effect and flavor.

Double Dab: Use a thin dab tool to dip a small piece of Chroma™ into the FreshTerps™ jar. Or use wax, shatter, or live resin. Whatever you like best.

Straight Dab: Dab a small drop of FreshTerps™ oil directly onto the nail. Make sure you let the nail cool for 30 seconds because FreshTerps oil is enjoyed best at the lowest possible temperature.

Flower Enhancer: Put just a drop or two on your flower for a super potent flavor experience.

Here is a short video with more info about all of the different ways to experience the full terpene profile of your favorite strains with FreshTerps.

What are cutting agents?

Highly-refined cannabis concentrates like Chroma and Alchemy that are greater than 80-90% purity are very viscous, thick substances. In vape cartridges, these concentrates will not properly vaporize unless changed to a more liquid form. Other companies use a variety of questionable cutting agents including PEGs (polyethylene glycols), glycerin, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) and other chemicals.

At Evolab, we prefer to avoid unnecessary additives, so we developed a unique CO2 fractionation process to extract and purify a combination of cannabis terpenes, terpenoids and other phytochemicals that we call our CDCA, or Cannabis Derived Cutting Agent. This formula is blended with our concentrated cannabinoids to provide a consistent, effective formulation - with no additives and nothing but cannabis. To read more about cutting agents and what to look for when purchasing vape products, check out this blog post from our Chief Scientist.

What makes Evolab oil so special?

Evolab created the world’s first suite of cannabis specific pharmaceutical-grade extraction technologies. We produce exceptionally pure oils, without the use of any cutting agents. Our proprietary technology is designed to preserve the compounds of the whole plant, because we know it takes all the elements in cannabis to make THC great.

What's the best way to find your oil?

You can find Evolab oil throughout the state of Colorado. You can search for the dispensary nearest you using our Store Locator.

What's the difference between your terpenes and other terpenes?

Evolab found a way to capture the full spectrum terpene profile of cannabis flower and concentrate it into our FreshTerps™. Other companies use terpenes from non-cannabis derived sources and attempt to reformulate the terpene profile to match that of certain strains. Unlike these other products, Evolab terpenes are the only 100% cannabis derived terpenes available. Read more about our full spectrum terpenes on Medical Jane.

What is the Entourage Effect?

Identifying which products have full-spectrum terpene profiles is of particular interest when trying to replicate the effects and flavor of your favorite flower. This is due to a phenomenon referred to as the “entourage effect,” which might hold the key to unlocking the true effects of cannabis strains, as well as their medicinal value. When consumed through vaporization, terpenes have unique effects independent of cannabinoids. Even more interesting is what happens when terpenes are delivered in tandem with cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The terpenes elicit various effects like permeabilization of the blood brain barrier to allow access to larger molecules like cannabinoids. In other words, the terpenes open the brain’s “doors” to receive cannabinoids more effectively than it would open if the user experienced cannabinoids on their own, without terpenes. Read more about the effects of terpenes and the entourage effect from Medical Jane.

What is CO2 extraction?

CO2 extraction uses a combination of pressure and temperature to to extract the valuable compounds in cannabis. This is unlike other methods of extraction, which use harmful solvents like ethanol and butane to extract the cannabinoids. We believe CO2 is the best for isolating cannabinoids, and effectively the only way to isolate terpenes. Our CO2 is instrument grade and our suppliers are required to test every cylinder of CO2 before it ships - ensuring unrivaled purity and safety.

Do you offer edibles?

No, we do no offer edibles, however, the THC in all of our oils is cleaner than food-grade, and is fully activated so you can use it to make your own favorite recipes.

Will the hardware leak on me?

Evolab has a “No Leak Guarantee.” If you experience any difficulties with your product, please contact our Customer Service Department at

Do you test your products?

All Evolab products are validated internally with an in-house quality control laboratory overseen by Dr. Noel Palmer, as well as by accredited third party labs. Analytical testing is conducted on all raw materials, extracts and final products to ensure every Evolab offering exceeds regulatory standards and consumer expectations.

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