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The Colorado Love Potion.


sinfully smooth


For the record, a love potion does exist. Its Name is Evos.

And it doesn't come from Cupid; it comes from Colorado. Designed to heighten sensation and intimacy, Evos is the first cannabis-infused lubricant and massage oil that brings you and your partner closer together when the moment is just right. The high THC formulation helps ignite energy, sensitivity and passion. Like all Evolab products, Evos utilizes only the most pure CO2 extracts paired with synergistic botanical ingredients to deliver a truly decadent experience based on the best that nature and science have to offer. Evos contains 125mg cannabinoids in a sinfully smooth, unscented potion.

how to use


A little goes a long way.

With a sinfully smooth, coconut oil based formulation, Evos is perfect for massage, solo play or with a partner (or two?). Use liberally up to an hour before hitting the sheets.