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What Color is your favorite flavor?


naturally luscious
Everything that touches your lips should be this beautiful.

All natural Blueberry, Sweet Melon and Pineapple flavors, mixed with the incomparably pure effects of pharmaceutical grade CO2 extracted Chroma Oil. Everything else will seem kind of beige.



Easy, delicious and incomparably potent. What else could you ask for?

We tirelessly sought out the best vape hardware from around the world to match our uncompromising cannabis extracts. With pure oil and fresh flavor combined with durable, premium materials like stainless steel and pyrex glass, and a customizable variable draw technology that replicates a dab, a slow vape draw, or anything in between, Evolab Colors cartridges provide a seriously smooth, tantalizingly tasty experience. Learn more about using the Variable Flow Cartridge.




When you want convenience and simplicity on the go, iHit™ delivers.

When you are using the best oils and flavors, you can’t just use any disposable vape. iHit™ is the result of our relentless search for the best hardware to pair with our extracts. Only the iHit met our exacting quality standards. With a smooth, robust draw that highlights the flavor and potency of our Colors, iHit™ hits the spot whether you are at home or on the go. Learn more about using iHit.