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The only buzz comes from people talking about how great it makes their skin feel.

The ultra-simple, incomparably pure formulation you've been seeking.


rejuvenate. refresh. restore.


Cannabinoids Formulated for Daily Skin Care & Nourishment


The trouble with most body oils is they make you smell like body oil. Or even worse, like baby oil. And you are nobody’s baby. That’s why CBx Sciences kept our Daily Body Oil fragrance free. It doesn’t have any additives so it’s as simple as it is effective. There’s nothing but pure CBD oil, calming terpenes and plant oil to repair, refresh and rehydrate your skin. Used every day, it practically radiates vitality. And that’s news worth passing on.

Like all CBx Sciences products made from Evolab’s pure, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extract, our Daily Body Oil contains no artificial dyes or coloring. And it’s free of parabens, glutens, soy, sulfates, phthalates and all that other junk we would rather do without.