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Alchemy is the holy grail of cannabis. The first vape oil with the full effects of your favorite strain.

Alchemy oil keeps winning award after award for flavor and potency. But more importantly, it's won a large following of people who truly know cannabis. People who want the best and don't mind paying for it. People like you.


It wasn’t easy to find hardware nice enough to pair with our oils.

We tirelessly sought out the best vape hardware from around the world to match our uncompromising, uncut cannabis extracts. With pure oil paired with durable, premium materials like stainless steel and pyrex glass, and a customizable variable draw technology that replicates a dab, a slow vape draw, or anything in between, Evolab cartridges are designed to provide a seriously smooth, consistently potent experience.

Slow smooth draws or big dab-like hits


Customizing the Variable Flow Cartridge

The Evolab Variable Flow Cartridge allows you to effortlessly tailor your hit to your mood. This short video includes everything you need to know to discover the perfect experience you want from your Evolab cartridge.



Straightforward, environmentally friendly and incomparably potent. What else could you ask for?

Easy to use glass syringes provides a convenient and environmentally-friendly form factor for our exceptional oils. With our proprietary extraction technology, we never compromise with toxic solvents, additives or diluting agents, so all you get is pure, flavorful cannabis oil. Whether refilling an Evolab cartridge, another vape device, or dabbing, our premium glass syringes make it effortless.

Time for a top off?


Using the Evolab Refill Kit

Evolab refill kits are easy to use and environmentally friendly. But did you know that you can also skip the cartridge and use the glass syringe to dab? Learn more about how to use Evolab refill kits in this short video.




When you want convenience and simplicity on the go, iHit™ delivers.

When you are using the best oils, you can’t just use any disposable vape. iHit™ is the result of our relentless search for the best hardware to pair with our extracts. Only the iHit met our exacting quality standards. With a smooth, robust draw that highlights the flavor and potency of our oils, iHit™ hits the spot whether you are at home or on the go.


Disposable & convenient


Using the iHit

Wherever you are, the iHit is the easiest way to enjoy Evolab extracts, with no need for charging or refilling. Check out this quick video to learn more about how to get the most out of your iHit.