Introducing Chroma, the purest, most potent clear oil you can get.

This is the kind of pure potency you can only get from cannabis stripped down to its purest form. Chroma is almost pure cannabinoids, so nothing gets in the way of the THC or CBD.

Zero Cutting Agents

It takes a precise level of viscosity to get cannabis oil to work in a pen. That’s why other labs use cutting agents like MCT and Propylene Glycol. But our pharmaceutical-grade extraction technology lets us keep it pure, with absolutely no toxic chemicals or additives.

Natural Flavor

Chroma gets its clean, smooth flavor from plant terpenes. Premium, organic plant terpenes. So you get the same consistent, quality taste, time after time, vape after vape.

Customized Experience

We’ve discovered a way to capture everything you love about your favorite strains in a concentrate called FreshTerps™. Combining your favorite flavors with Chroma will make your hair stand on end.

80-95% Potency

If you’re a fan of dabbing wax or shatter, Chroma will blow you away. Because you’ve never been able to get that level of potency from a vape pen. Until right now.

"This is the first vape oil that works like my favorite concentrate. I sacrifice nothing."


“It's so pure, it's the cleanest dab I've ever done.”

"Chroma is so clean and strong, I don't ever want to smoke anything else."

Pure Potency
  • Our pharmaceutical-grade technology strips cannabis down to its purest form, so you’re left with something so powerful, it blows away everything else you’ve ever had.
Pure Flavor
  • The first concentrate that’s ever been able to keep the full terpene profile of your favorite strain. So you get all the plant’s flavor and effects, only incredibly intensified.
Pure Transformation
  • This is a breakthrough. Chroma infused with FreshTerps™. We can boost THC levels so they’re off the charts. Or elevate therapeutic CBD's so they can help people better than ever before.

A Quick Start Guide For The True Strain Connoisseur

You’ve read the comments on social media. People are raving about FreshTerps™. It’s the first oil with all the flavor and effects of their favorite strains. Because it’s the first oil to capture their full terpene profile. So let’s get to it.

Mix n’ Match

FreshTerps™ with Chroma

We created FreshTerps™ to work with the pharmaceutical-grade potency of Chroma. And does it ever. That’s why we recommend ordering Chroma dab or syringes. Use your dab tool to mix Chroma and FreshTerps™ in a dab jar. You can also dip Chroma directly into the FreshTerps™ jar for the ultimate experience. Experiment with the different FreshTerps™ strains to get the exact effect you want.

Straight Dab

FreshTerps™ straight to the nail

Apply FreshTerps™ straight to your favorite dab rig or nectar collector to experience the pure terpene sensation.


FreshTerps™ pre-mixed

For everyone who can’t get enough of their favorite strain, but would rather not get too heavy into all this mixing, we’ve done it for you. Just ask for Alchemy.

Let the nail cool for 30 seconds because FreshTerps™ is enjoyed best at the lowest possible temperature.