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EvolabTM “Cannabis Evolved” on YouTube

Feb 15,2017 | by evolab

Check out our new YouTube channel to learn more about our company and stay informed on the latest at EvolabTM. This week we visited Dank dispensary to…

Leafly sits down with EvolabTM

Jan 19,2017 | by evolab

Watch as our founder Alex Cahoj and Dr. Steven Bennett meet up with Leafly to talk about the history and science at Evolab TM.  The Art…

Know your Terpenes Before you Buy

Oct 05,2016 | by Steven Bennett

Terpenes are the rage right now in cannabis for numerous reasons. Terpenes are hydrocarbons found in most plants, including cannabis, that serve as a natural defense…

Our Technology at Work

Apr 11,2016 | by Steven Bennett

It’s been awhile since our last post! That’s because our team has been on a serious mission. We’ve been dialing in the CO2 extraction process to…

Amber: cannabis extract
Our New Machine: The Ultimate Test

Aug 17,2015 | by Alex Cahoj

[This is the fourth in a series. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.] Shatter, glass, amber — whatever you call it — in some ways it’s…

Cannabis CO2 Technology: A Collaboration

Jul 24,2015 | by John Kruse

[This is the third in a series. Part 1. Part 2.] By Spring of 2014 we had found our technology provider – PIC Solutions – a…

Cannabis CO2 Technology Part 2: Searching for A New Machine

Jul 08,2015 | by Alex Cahoj

[Read Part One of this series here.] Cannabis extraction is an ancient craft that stretches back millennia. As marijuana moves towards becoming a serious medical and…

Our old analog machine.
Cannabis CO2 Technology Part 1: Our Old Machine

Jul 06,2015 | by Alex Cahoj

Have you ever driven an old manual sports car? A really old one that you have to crank up? They’re incredibly fun — but they’re not…

Concentrate Terpine Chart
Terpenes & Pure CO2 Cannabis Extraction: Why You Should Care

May 28,2015 | by Alex Cahoj

Terpenes are beginning to get some attention. Everybody knows about THC. Most everyone knows about CBD. But a lot of people are just beginning to focus…