Leafly sits down with EvolabTM

Watch as our founder Alex Cahoj and Dr. Steven Bennett meet up with Leafly to talk about the history and science at Evolab TM

The Art of Extraction with Roxy Strair

In this episode of The Art of Extraction series, Roxy Strair visits our Evolab TM facility in Denver, Colorado to learn about our unique CO2 extraction process. Roxy meets up with founder Alex Cahoj and Scientific Director Dr. Steven Bennett, who give her a behind-the-scenes look at how Evolab TM is able to recreate strain specific, whole plant profiles in extract form with our proprietary methods of terpene isolation and extraction.

Leafly Brand Profile Video

Following up from the lab tour, Leafly explores more about EVOLAB’s TM proprietary extraction process, our passion for scientific research, and the advantages of terpene isolation.