Know your Terpenes Before you Buy

Terpenes are the rage right now in cannabis for numerous reasons. Terpenes are hydrocarbons found in most plants, including cannabis, that serve as a natural defense to insects and fungal growth.  They are responsible for the taste, smell, and even the effects of each specific strain. Terpenes are showing up primarily as flavoring agents in products such as vape pens, but there is a more important scientific distinction to their role in a phenomenon commonly described as “the entourage effect”.  Studies have shown terpenes to work in concert with each other and cannabinoids like THC and CBD to elicit various effects throughout the body.  The entourage effect may very well unlock the key to the therapeutic benefits of each cannabis strain and provide insight to the future of personalized cannabis-based medicine.

terpene-distilation-infographic_1 Buyers beware, however, that just because a product contains terpenes doesn’t mean that it actually elicits the entourage effect. In order to help consumers make this distinction, as Evolab’s TM Scientific Director I authored an article for one of the industry’s most respected voices for cannabis users:  Medical Jane.  I focused on educating consumers with objective information and trustworthy guidance when consuming terpene-infused products.  Medical Jane has covered hundreds of health topics that teach how to properly use cannabis to promote one’s health and wellbeing. 

As a molecular biologist with a background in Alzheimer’s disease, melanoma, and pain, I feel it is critical to empower cannabis users with the facts surrounding terpenes.  Moreover, it was an opportunity to discuss the true embodiment of your favorite strain’s personality including its flavor, effects, and medicinal potential as scientific research forges ahead.

To learn more about your favorite strain’s personality, and how Evolab TM products are setting the bar in the terpene game, check out the Medical Jane article titled “What’s Your Favorite Strain’s Personality”.