Evolab cartridge, disposable ihit refill syringe image.
Now available in cartridges, disposables, refill syringes, and dab

Boldly going where no cannabis has gone before, Evolab Alchemy won the 2016 Rooster Cup for best concentrate.  You can now enjoy Alchemy and the rest of Evolab’s suite of connoisseur oils in these four convenient delivery mechanisms.

Evolab EVOS product picture
For the Record, a Love Potion Does Exist. Its Name is Evos.

Evos is Colorado’s first clear, odorless cannabis infused personal lubricant that enhances pleasure during intimacy. Designed to give both men and women greater sensation and stimulation, Evos contains only the purest CO2 extracted THC.

Evolab Angel Salve Cannabis Cup winner image.
High Times’ 2015 Cannabis Cup Winner and a Weekend Athlete’s New Best Friend

There must have been a few weekend warriors on the High Times’ Cannabis Cup judging committee. Because the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the THC and CBD in Angel Salve gave them soothing relief. And they gave it first place for best topical.


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